The Four Last Things, Timothy Hallinan - Special Kindle $1.99
#1  Hitch 07-13-2010, 05:47 AM
Hello, all:

I'm not the author, but I am the book producer for Timothy Hallinan's plunge into ebooks, with his release of his first Simeon Grist novel, originally published by NAL Books, The Four Last Things, at Amazon at this link:

The special pricing of $1.99 will only last for this month, until the release of his new hardcover novel, in his best-selling Poke Rafferty series, The Queen of Patpong: Kindle Link CLICK HERE.

From Publisher's Weekly, about The Four Last Things:

"Simeon Grist, former professor of English at UCLA and fledgling L.A. private eye, makes his debut in this clever mystery. To propel his plot, Hallinan adroitly depicts a new religion with avaricious leaders, New Age channeling and an overlay of California kookiness. Hired by the head of security of Monument Records to follow employee Sally Oldfield, suspected of selling information to competitors, Grist develops a liking for the woman. Then she is brutally murdered, and Grist is shocked to find that an impostor assigned him to the case. Investigating on his own, he follows leads to the Church of the Eternal Moment, with its child oracle Angel Ellspeth, her oh-so-smooth personal physician Dick Merryman and its crew of Listeners to whom the faithful confess all. As Grist searches for clues, aided by a former girlfriend, Eleanor Chan, now writing for the Los Angeles Times , he is threatened, beaten and involved in another murder. Televangelism, brainwashing, research into the early 19th-century diaspora of new American religions and a most unusual ally lead Grist to the denouement of this very satisfying mystery."

The second Simeon Grist, Everything But the Squeal, is in ebook production now and will be released soon--I'll certainly make an announcement here, as soon as I've finished it. There's also going to be a very exciting freebie in the Poke Rafferty series that I'll post here as soon as I'm allowed.

Thanks, and enjoy The Four Last Things while it's available at this low price.


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