The Gods of the Terminal, $0.99
#1  Hitech_luddite 07-12-2010, 12:04 PM
Well after a few weeks of lurking, I am happy to announce my first ebook, The Gods of the Terminal, available at Smashwords

Mindy is just another wage-slave, working for a large bank as a technician supporting credit card terminals. Her days are filled with ignorant end users and unappreciative managers who judge her value only by how fast she ends telephone calls with customers. Little wonder then she is tempted to do something highly unethical and steal from a customer, with consequences no one could have ever predicted. A very light-hearted look at modern corporate America.

Words: 14,200
Genre: Humor

Warning: Contains some adult language and sexual references. It also utilizes religious imagery in non-devotional settings and if you are easily offended this book will probably do it.

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