Promotion Posting Guidelines
#1  dreams 07-09-2010, 02:23 PM
MobileRead is a privately-owned, international forum whose owner has graciously allowed free self-promotion in the Self-Promotions by Authors and Publishers forum to participating authors and publishers.

We welcome promoting authors and publishers who participate in the forum discussions and interact with other MobileRead members.

Using the community solely as a promotion platform is not encouraged and could be easily misunderstood as spam and deleted.

Self-Promotion is ONLY allowed in the Self-Promotion forum.

In addition to following our MobileRead General Posting Guidelines, the Self-Promotion forum has the below additional Posting Guidelines.

You are responsible for keeping this thread bookmarked to check for any changes to the guidelines.

  1. Promotion of books (not-authored by you personally) that are published under your publishing house name:
    • You will be allowed one thread for all the other books published by your publishing house.
    • The title of your thread should be your Publishing House listed first.
      • Sandoors Publishing - Featured Titles [year; ie., 2013]
    • Posting in this thread will still be subject to the current promotional guidelines, including:
      • You are allowed one post (in your publishing house thread) after every 7 days to promote those books featured by your publishing house.
      • When you are featuring more than one book, please try to keep the single, allowed post a reasonable length, as promotional posts of excessive length will be removed.
    Ideally, it would be best to encourage your authors to join MobileRead and become participating members in order to promote their own books.
  2. Promotion of your own authored books will continue to follow the below guidelines.

  1. DO NOT post ANY self-promotion in the Deals, Freebies, and Resources forum; your post will be deleted.
  2. Post only one thread for each ebook ; creating multiple threads on the same ebook is considered spam and will be deleted.
  3. Post a small blurb and discreet links to sites where it can be purchased. Books must be available for purchase and download at time of posting.
  4. The names of external sites must be fully disclosed; URL shortening services (e.g. TinyURL) are not acceptable.

    Hyper-linked text (link under text) is fine as long as it isn't linked with a condensed URL.
    Affiliate links in the Self-Promotions by Authors and Publishers forum are no Longer Allowed.
  5. Pictures or ebook covers - limit the in-post size to a height of 300 pixels and a width of 600 pixels. One image and one video only - and only in post #1 - UNLESS the cover has changed, then you may post the new cover later in the thread and/or update the first post.
  6. You may not add a purely promotional bump to your thread more often than once after every seven days. Posts which are replies to other members' questions can, of course, be made as often as you wish..
  7. Signatures - Please read the MobileRead Posting Guidelines.
  8. If you would like the thread title corrected or changed, please ask a moderator for help by reporting your post show attachment » and letting us know what you would like changed or corrected.
  9. Adult and/or erotic content is not allowed on Mobileread.

Moderator Notice

A post that violates our posting guidelines for self-promotion [Hint: The culprit is often an oversize image] will be deleted without an accompanying PM to the poster. It is your responsibility to abide by our guidelines, if you wish to use our free service.

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