Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Forty-Four (v1), 22 Sep 2021
#1  Pulpmeister 09-22-2021, 12:59 AM
Another anthology of Public Domain short stories gathered from magazines and newspapers, and which are not readily available, or not available at all, in free ebook form.

Humour, satire, crime, adventure and weird.

1: The Madness of Captain Jonas / Albert Richard Wetjen
2: The Tiara / May Wynne
3: Not According to Text / Charles G. Booth
4: His Christmas Orchid / Burke Jenkins
5: Twenty-Four Hours Start / Burke Jenkins
6: Wimple's Fog-Piercer / Burke Jenkins
7: The Anti-Climax of a Bad Man / Burke Jenkins
8: Queen of the Beggars / James Jeffreys O'Brien
9: The Luck of Barney Costello / C. J. Hamilton
10: The Two Uncles / Charles Garvice
11: Mr Chubb's Burglar / Ralph Wilhelm Bergengren
12: The Wrong 'Un / Mark Allerton
13: The Hut by the Lachlan / Morley Roberts
14: Blue Blood, or, The Pride of Lady Ambrosia / J. J. Bell
15: The House Among the Pines / E Charles Vivian
16: The Langdon Mystery / Leroy Scott
17: Locked In / E. Charles Vivian
18: "Sycamore": A Ghost Story / Cy Warman
19: The Steerage Passenger / George Bronson-Howard
20: Dickerson's Bag of Gold / Seward W. Hopkins
21: Eliph' Hewlitt on the Millinery Problem / Ellis Parker Butler
22: Ragtime / Sumner Locke
23: As You Choose / Robert W Chambers
24: A Jury of Her Peers / Susan Glaspell
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

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#2  Pulpmeister 09-28-2021, 09:26 PM
Sorry: accidentally uploaded PM45 here!

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