Moon+ Reader Pro: Problem exporting bookmarks in Onyx Note 2
#1  moriatenori 09-12-2021, 05:52 AM

I have had an issue exporting Moon+Reader bookmarks as txt in Onyx Note 2 for a few months (it used to work smoothly before).

When I click on export as txt, a list of the selected bookmarks appears without giving me the option to reach to the bottom and select how I want to export the file. I cannot scroll down either. (See the first screenshot.)

As a result, it is not possible anymore to export more than a few lines of bookmarks, but this problem doesn't reproduce in my mobile phone, so I guess it may be an issue with Onyx after some of their recent updates (currently running on 2021-04-07_11-08_3.1_3d92758)?

The second screenshot shows how it should be: a list of options about how to export the txt file.

Has someone else run into this issue? Any workaround?

Screenshot_20210621-104133.png Screenshot_20210621-104153.png 

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