Sell Onyx Boox M92 & Max Carta
#1  LodeHere 08-25-2021, 12:12 PM
I have a M92 (white) and a Max Carta first generation that I would like to sell.
Both work fine, with the exception that I haven't been able to hear the text spoken any more when I tried recently. (I only tried once a long time ago and didn't like the tiny robot voice, so never used it. But everything else works great.)

Both come with their original covers; the M92 in black leather, and the Max Carta in its gray felt enveloppe.

I think €150 for the M92 and €250 for the Max Carta is reasonable.
Anyone interested?

(I want to buy a Max Lumi so I can read my Kindle books on it, instead of having to deal with de-DRM hassles which is more for nerds)

#2  LodeHere 08-27-2021, 10:31 AM
I am keeping the e-readers I decided. I could no longer get my Kindle books on them using Calibre + plugin (maybe doing it wrong this time, or because Kindle for PC updated after I rebooted my laptop even though I had disabled automatic updates from 1.17) but now utilizing Epubor Ultimate it works as a charm again.

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