Mystery and Crime Thomson, Basil: Milliner's Hat Mystery (1937); v1; 22 Sep 2019
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Original US Title: "Mystery of the French Milliner"; reprinted recently in the US as "The Milliner's Hat Mystery". The 7th Richardson mystery.

Sir Basil Thomson was Assistant Commissioner (Crime) at New Scotland Yard, among many other roles in his long life, and his "Richardson" series of detective novels are authentic "police procedurals".

In this late case, Richardson, now a senior figure at the Yard, takes a back seat as a small team of detectives starts an investigation of the case of a unidentified, well-dressed, murdered man found dumped in a rural barn.

At first it seems simple; the victim, when identified, had disappeared after coming under suspicion of embezzling a fortune from the bank where he worked; but it quickly becomes complex, as there was a lot more to the murdered man than simple embezzlement.

I couldn't find an original UK dustcover image, nor a reasonable quality US dustcover. The cover I created used the imagery and style of the US cover, but the British title. The original text on the US cover image was too distorted to use, and since I was recreating it, I used the British title.
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