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Pseudonym of Margaret Hamer Andrewes (? – ?)
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham (1867–1939)

This book was first published in 1897.

Lord Pussee Cattums, formerly known as Puss-in-Boots, incites the fairies (who want more magical power) to rebel against their Queen. In consequence, two of the young fairies, Tuppy and Tue, are to be sent into the world with the fairy gifts (the seven-league boots, the glass slippers, the spinning wheel, and all the rest) to find out if the gifts are useless and if the fairy power over mortals is lost.

But, oh my! How things have changed in the mortal world!

Twenty-four illustrations by Arthur Rackham, from early in his career, are featured in this book (cited by some as “the first real Rackham”).

Maggie Browne (pseudonym of Margaret Hamer Andrewes), active from 1884 to 1900, was the author of Two Old Ladies, Two Foolish Fairies, and a Tom Cat; The Book of Betty Barber; Wanted–a King; Pleasant Work for Busy Fingers; Plays for Little Folks; and others. No biographical data could be found for this writer.

Text and illustrations were obtained from HathiTrust. Embedded font for titling. Chapter headings are cross-linked to interactive Table of Contents; List of Illustrations provides links to images. Editing notes available inside the book.

For young readers, and fans of children's fantasy, and fans of Arthur Rackham. May you enjoy this book!
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