Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Sixteen (2020); v1; 30 Nov 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 11-30-2020, 09:20 AM
27 more short stories in the Life + 70 public domain, collected from on-line newspaper collections and magazines.

Starting with purest fantasy by Charles Leonard Moore, and including romance by May Wynne and Lilian Quiller-Couch, humour by Bruno Lessing and Howard Dwight Smiley, and a miscellany of other genres.

1: The Lion Rug / Charles Leonard Moore
2: The Mated Rubies of Kyat Pyen / W. C. Morrow
3: The Professor's Panther / Dallas Lore Sharp
4: The Burglars / Kenneth Grahame
5: The Man Who Lifted the Blind / E. Phillips Oppenheim
6: As It Happened To Moey / Bruno Lessing
7: A Happy Solution / Raymund Allen
8: The Other Man's Boots / Richard Marsh
9: Shadows / F. St. Mars
10: Moritsky's Ward / Bruno Lessing
11: In Masquerade / Alice & Claude Askew
12: Smokeless Tobacco / Howard Dwight Smiley
13: The Tiara / May Wynne
14: An Exciting Week / Lilian Quiller-Couch
15: The Mysterious Englishman / William Le Queux
16: Peter Pirnie's Prison-House / Sir George Douglas, Bt.
17: The Dragon Casket / Headon Hill
18: The Gunman from the Underworld / Headon Hill
19: The Fierce Eyes / Headon Hill
20: Behind the Cupboard / Headon Hill
21: The Scarecrow / Mrs. Baillie Weaver
22: The Poultry Yard / Marmaduke Pickthall
23: Cal Wood's First Case / William H Hamby
24: "I Have Killed a Man!" / Richard Marsh
25: The Honour of Two / J. S. Fletcher
26: The Story without a Title / Andrew Soutar
27: Giving him his Chance / Richard Marsh

Cumulative Index up to Past Masters 16
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