Historical Fiction Flaubert, Gustav: Salambô. v1. 27 April 2020
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Gustav Flaubert’s (1821-1880) novel ‘Salambô’ (1862) is very different from his first ‘Madame Bovary.’

‘Famous for its erotic, sadistic, and decadent content, Flaubert's exotic novel Salambô is also noted for its lush descriptive quality, visual brilliance, and Oriental texturing. It is a symbolic work notorious for its atmospheric evocation of a dying civilization and imagery of sensuous and terrifying cruelty.’ (From the Introduction).

The translation is by Powers Mather (1892 – 1939). The cover is from a painting by Leon Bonnat (1823 – 1909) of Rose Caron, in her starring role in Ernest Reyer‘s operatic version of ‘Salambô’.

I have added the section ‘Criticism And Historical Accuracy’ -- drawn from ‘Gustave Flaubert As Seen In His Works And Correspondence’ (1895) by John Charles Tarver (1854 – 1926).

I have proof read and corrected numerous typos and OCR faults. I have lightly reformatted some of the text (mostly the supporting sections) to appeal to a modern readership.

The translation is a different one to the version uploaded here by AlexBell.
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