How to catalog articles which are part of a magazine
#1  halloleo 04-07-2020, 02:54 AM
Sometimes I get PDFs of individual articles which are part of a magazine. What's the best way to record these in, say, calibre?

For example I have a PDF of The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury published in the 7 Aug 1951 issue of The Reporter.
"Ray Bradbury" goes to the author field, "The Pedestrian" to the title and so on, but where do I best store the information that this article was published in the magazine "The Reporter"?

Publisher field? - That doesn't look right. Series field? - I thought the Series field is for the number in a series of books. So what to do?

#2  DaleDe 04-07-2020, 01:12 PM
I think there are two choices. One is to use publisher and the second is to make the title longer. Magazine:Article. I see nothing wrong with either.

#3  BetterRed 04-07-2020, 06:23 PM
Put in a custom column, e.g, #source/Source, or put in it comments/Comments. I use the former.


#4  halloleo 04-07-2020, 10:07 PM
Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea with a custom column.

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