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#111  hleo12 03-29-2020, 10:18 AM
Quote crane3
Would a printed "manga" be considered a printed book or just another "comic" which is not considered a book?

Wondering as I know of a used book store that appears to have a big/huge stock of mangas. will stop by to check it out.

There was a big chain of used books here. They had manga for 2 bucks per volume. I completed 2 series by going back to their outlets for a few months

Sad that they closed now.

And as for the question, well, it is printed in book form (not like how western comics are printed and bound).

#112  mdp 04-03-2020, 07:50 AM
I just read an article from Giorgio Agamben (Italian philosopher). A paragraph again proposes one of the points I expressed many times in these pages - on the importance of bookstores and on the dire state of their median instance as found during these times:

Imagine entering a pharmacy and asking for a product you urgently need. What would you do if the employee replied that that medicine was produced already three months ago, hence it is not anymore available? This is exactly what happens today entering a bookstore. The book market has become an Absurdistan in which the circulation has a book kept in the shop for as little as possible (oftentimes no more than a month). Consequently, the same publisher plans for books that must exhaust the printouts - /if/ sales actually happen - in short terms and renounces building a lasting catlogue. So although I call myself a good reader I am more and more uncomfortable entering bookstores (exceptions aside) where the tables are only covered by novelties and where I can everytime more hardly find the medicine (the book) I have a vital need for. If booksellers and publishers will not revolt against this system, mostly a consequence of the distributors' policies, it will not be a surprise if bookstores will disappear. Considering what they have become, their current form will not even be missed.

Giorgio Agamben
13 June 2017

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