Why cant Marvin do PDFs?
#11  cedhax 04-04-2019, 02:00 AM
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Why cant Marvin3 on my ipad open PDFs?

I love the app soo much working alongside with Calibre
Marvin Classic and Marvin 3 were never designed to work with PDFs in the first place. Supporting PDFs reasonably well simply requires a lot of extra development work relative to what's needed to be done for EPUB. I bet there will never be PDF support in Marvin 3, since I've used both apps and watched its development history over the years.

If you just want to view, manage and annotate PDFs as well as EPUBs, all in the same app, on any iOS device, and work well with Calibre OPDS content server, then get MapleRead SE. IMHO, it is the best app for this purpose. I've used it for years.

HarryT is a big fan of GoodReader. It is a very good app too. I've used it too. But for what you want, it seems to be an overkill in some aspects, and insufficient in other aspects such as Calibre OPDS content server.

#12  skillachie 07-31-2019, 09:36 PM
Not Marvin but you could take BookFusion for a spin. You will be able to read PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CBZ/CBR and several other formats while your highlights, bookmarks and reading progress will be synced across all devices.

We just released an updated iOS app which has several improvements.

Additionally we also have a nice Calibre plugin to allow you to easily sync your eBooks across all your devices. More at

PS: Founder at BookFusion. Please feel free to PM me with feedback or suggestions.

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