Fantasy Hodgson, William Hope: Carnacki the Ghost-Finder (1913); v2; 7 Jan 2020
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Carnacki the Ghost-Finder was first published in 1913 and contained six stories, all that had been written at that time. Some years later, at irregular intervals, Hodgson wrote three more Carnacki stories. No complete edition was brought out in his lifetime.

This is a Complete Edition containing all nine stories, and also uses the First Edition cover. I call it V2 because a six-story edition is already uploaded.

1: The Gateway of the Monster
2: The House Among the Laurels
3: The Whistling Room
4: The Horse of the Invisible
5: The Searcher of the End House
6: The Thing Invisible
7: The Haunted Jarvee
8: The Find
9: The Hog
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