Other Fiction Walpole, Hugh: Above the dark tumult; v1 26 July 2021
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Huge Walpole's thrilling adventure novel of the 1920s revolves around Piccadily Circus. Richard Gunn is an ex-soldier in trouble after the end of the Great War. Jobless and starving in Piccadilly Circus, he encounters his nemesis, Leroy Pengelly. From this encounter the secrets of their shared past start to unravel... A novel which combines elements of the horror and supernatural - at which Walpole was so skilled - with the puzzle element of the whodunnit - all wrapped up in one unsettling and uncanny whole. Published in the US as Above the Dark Tumult.

Fourth in the Phantasier series. The first is Maradick at forty. The second is Prelude to adventure. The third is Portrait of a man with red hair.
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