PRS+: Enhanced firmware for Sony Reader, Folders, Games & more
#1  kartu 12-07-2009, 07:54 AM
Project site.

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Automated "all in one" setup (only available for 350 / 650 / 950 models):

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What does it do in short: Folders, Book History, customizable keys, calc, games, disabled SD/MS card scan, built-in fb2 to epub converter

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=== 2.0.17 release candidate 3 (2011.12.12) === * x50: Fixed Issue #244 "books deleted using PC do not dissapear if scanning is "disabled (load cache)"" * ALL: Fixed missing translation * 600: Fixed Issue #237 Menu Customization is buggy * ALL: Fixed Issue #234 "Mah Jong reports "no more moves" when moves are still available"
=== 2.0.16 release candidate 2 (2011.11.26) === * ALL: Minor translation fixes (RUS, TUR) * ALL: StandbyImage: Fix for scaling bug in Sony code * 300/505/600: Added $a0 (no wrap space) to fonts (to be added to x50 in 2.1.x)
=== 2.0.15 release candidate (2011.11.21) === * ALL: Fixed #171 "The "Copy to IM..." menu items are not present in Card via Mount, if card scanning is not disabled" * ALL: Fixed bug that prevented SD/MS card scan mode from being changed on the fly * ALL: Fixed #214 MSG_COPYING_BOOK not translated * ALL: EPUB Css styles are now sorted * ALL: Fixes #215 fb2epub converter doesn't work with cards with disabled scanning * 350/650: Improved Dutch translation (drMerry) * 350/650: Fixed "Continue searching from the begining doesn't work" (Sony bug) * 350/650: Added 1-Column Split (quisvir) * x50: "Cycle booklist" action now also cycles through collections (quisvir) * x50: Added option to treat periodicals as books (quisvir) * x50: Fixed #211 that caused SD/MS card scan options to be ignored on the first boot * 600/x50: Added Page Turn by Single Tap (quisvir) * 600/x50: Close reading popup menu (dict etc) and cancel selection by tapping page (quisvir) * 600/x50: Fixed #207 Collection sorting broken for Cyrillic * 600: Fixed #197 "SD/MS card via mount" doesn't handle non-latin characters * 600: Added keyCodes and Hold keyCodes to key bindings * 600: Fonts updated to the latest version * 600: Added Turkish translation * 600: Changed "holding option button" default action to do "go to parent view" * 600: Shifted games to the bottom of "More" list
=== 2.0.14 beta (2011.09.22) === * x50: Fixed #128 books/collections sorting * x50: Fixed "Coming back to Home from an other menu takes long" * 300/500: Fixed CoverPage as StandbyImage, fixed problem with next page after sleepmode * ALL: BrowseFolder patched with Shura1oplots FileSize in Comment & added FileType * ALL: Fixed russian localisation of "No Book, 1 Book, x Books"
=== 2.0.13 beta (2011.09.14) === * 505: Fixed #126 "images/audio lists are empty" * 505: Fixed #139 "Menu customizer values are not translated" * 505: Fixed #150 "Some options in the setup menu are not translated" needs reflash! not working with beta-pack on SD-Card * 505: Added #39 "Hold joypad arrows events" * x50: Fixed #120 "No keyboard in SP-EN dictionary" * x50: Enabled "half-page-mask" in landscape mode (like PRS-505), added option to set PDF-border-color to white * x50: Added option to preset custom Contrast and Brightness values (quisvir) * x50: Added option to toggle NEW-flag manually, hide standard collections and show reading-progress in home menu and thumbnail views (quisvir) * x50: Added Home Menu Booklist customization (quisvir) * 600/x50: Games moved into Games node * 600/x50: Added various Touch-Screen related options (disable dictionary and page-turn-gestures) * 600/x50: Enabled panning while ZoomLocked (quisvir) * ALL: Fonts: Added Korean alphabet (3131-314E unicode range), updated Czech d t l L letters, added up/down arrows * ALL: Added #70 "Make node containers accessible via menu customizer" * ALL: Added #24 "Displaying first page of the book on standby" * ALL: Screenshot: captured image is now visible to the user, not only to the system :) * ALL: BrowseFolders: added optional ".." item (by Shura1oplot) * ALL: Action are now grouped and have icons (by Shura1oplot) * ALL: New icons for utils and games (by surquizu, Shura1oplot, ?) * ALL: Updated existing games (Chess now comes with puzzles) * ALL: Added MineSweeper (by Mark Nord), Draughts, XO-Cubed and Solitaire (by Ben Chenoweth) * ALL: Added Calendar app (by Ben Chenoweth) * All: Added various "Standby" options (display book cover, last screen) (by Mark Nord)
=== 2.0.12 beta (2011.05.26) === * 505: Fixed German translation * ALL: Fixed Courier font name * ALL: ~~Sudoku can be exited by pressing home button~~ (not in 950, maybe other models) * 350/650: Fixed custom CSS path
=== 2.0.11 beta === * 300: Fixed broken XML in Spanish translation * 300: Added Ukrainian localization by Bookoman * 300/505: Fixed "actions do not work" * 300/505: Added French localization by sengian (installer) * 300/505: Fixed bug related to "Skip book menu" option * 505: Restored localizations * 505: Restored 1.1.3 menu layout with "Multimedia" * 600: Added Portuguese localization by OTNeto * 600: Added Czech localization by milanv * 600/x50: Fixed keyboard: "aaaa" is shown instead of ascented (popup) letters * 600/x50: TextScale addon was included * x50: Reduced statusbar index / clock font size, moved "playing" indicator to the left * x50: Fixed "Periodicals" * x50: Fixed sorting in "books" for non latin alphabets * 950: Added GMT+10 timezone * ALL: Screenshot: captured image is now immediatelly visible to the system * ALL: Folders: Added option to disable scanning without loading cache (as it was in 1.1.3) * ALL: Folders: Added "via mount" card access (uses Linux "mount" command instead of mtools like buggy utility) * ALL: Added "LRF Text Scale" addon that allows to customize zoom levels
=== 2.0.10 alpha === * x50: Fixed doRotate action * x50: Fixed #68 x50: Deleting books opened via Book History is bugged * x50: Fixed #66 x50: Collection editing broken, if collection node is not in the 4th slot * x50: Periodicals node no longer "unmovable", replaced with "Browse Folders" by default * x50: Added Belorussian / Ukranian chars (as popups) to keyboard * x50: Added rotate by 0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / clock wise / counter clock wize actions * 600: Added rotate by 90 action * 600: Added Belorussian / Ukranian chars (as popups) to keyboard * 600: Added #47&48 Spanish (by ?) & Catalan (by Alex Castrillo) localizations * 300/505: Added Dictionary (by Clemenseken, lysak, m-land, Mark Nord) * 300: Added #57 Spanish localization (by Carlos) * 300: Fixed #63 author/title sort in 2.0.5alpha not working (patch by * ALL: Added	* Calculator by Mark Nord	* Chess by Ben Chenoweth / Stefano Gioffre	* Five in a Row by Ben Chenoweth	* Five Balls by Clemenseken	* Free Cell by Ben Chenoweth	* Mahjong by Clemenseken	* Sudoku by Obelix * ALL: Integrated fb2toepub converter (by Alexey Bobkov) * ALL: Added sample folders.cfg / EPUB css file that references LRF fonts * 300/505: PRPInstaller folder is deleted automatically after reboot (no need to reboot multiple times to delete it) * 350/650/950: Created "all in one" installer (Windows only)
=== 2.0.9 alpha (bugfixes/enhancements for x50) === * x50: Fixed "Holding option /zoom buttons should call "Go Back in Menus" and "Search" respectively" * 350/650: Fixed "Text Memo open => press root => reboot" * x50: Fixed ""more" node doesn't have parent if not visible" * ALL: Fixed "BrowseFolders view not refreshing on settings change, if there is a book open via BrowseFolders" * x50: "Fixed Page index in book is not updated when book is opened" * ALL: Implemented "goto TOC, doOption, doSearch, doRotate, doMenu, doSize, doRoot actions" * x50: Implemented "Russian phonetic keyboard (original keyboard xml by boroda)" * x50: Implemented "Latin-English and Latin-Georgian scrollbars"
=== 2.0.8 alpha (ported to 650/350) === * ALL: Added Core.config.userCSSFile support (instead of hardcoded style.css) * 650/350: Ported to 650 (tested) and 350 (should work :))
=== 2.0.7 alpha === * Implemented #? possibility to download files using web browser * ALL: Implemented # sort by filename, showing filename as comment
=== 2.0.6 alpha (ported to 950) === * ALL: "Fixed #34 MenuCustomizer should put unassigned nodes into default one" * ALL: Implemented #55 "'Jump to Folders' action" * ALL: Fixed #64 "Wrong german translation file" * 300: Fixed "next/prev" page actions consuming "goto page" key events * 600,x50: Added "books" scrollbar customization feature
=== 2.0.5 alpha === * 600: BrowseFolders will apear in "more", if not shown on the main page. * 300: Fixed sort by title (Russian locale)
=== 2.0.4 alpha === * ALL: Updated "about prs+" * ALL: Added Russian translation fixes by happyhgy * ALL: implemented #16 "88.1% (add decimal) in statusbar" * ALL: Fixed #36 (wrong Courier font name) * ALL: Fixed #17 "clock is not updated when going from standby" * 600: Temporary fix for #42 * 600: Added Georgian keyboard (ergonomic) * 600: Fixed #28 "Stand-by image should be independent of screen orientation" (added landscape subfolder support, as there is no way to rotate the image" * 600: Fixed #41 "PRS+ Firmware version number missing on About page" * 600: Fixed #14 " by author/title sorting doesn't work for non latin chars" * 600: Implemented #26 Chinese localization * 600: Implemented #29 Italian localizaiton * 600: Fixed #23 (Calc not working) * 600: Added Georgian translation (by rawerfas) * 600: Implemented: #31 "Use Volume buttons to move through history" * 600: Fixed #37 " in IM is not called" * 300: Fixed DicitonaryCL * 300: Fixed #14 " * by author/title sorting doesn't work for non latin chars" * 300: Added Georgian translation (by rawerfas) * 300: Fixed #13 "back/fordward history actions do not work" * 300: Implemented #20 "bind default "hold numeric button" actions" * 300: First digit is ignored, if it is zero, when opening "goto" dialog * 300: Fixed "next/prev" page actions consuming "goto page" key events
=== 2.0.3 preview === * 600: added standby "wallpaper" feature (randomly showing /database/system/PRSPlus/wallpaper on standby) * 600: added option to open books directly from MS/SD card, with disabled scanning
=== 2.0.2 preview === * 300: Added "hold" events (researched by Mark Nord, implemented by kravitz) * 300: Fixed BH bug (list of books wasn't correctly updated) * 300: #Added libfskload
=== 2.0.1 preview === * 300: Added Italian localization * 300: Improved installer to support common 18060 firmware
=== 2.0.0 preview === * Big part of PRS+ code rewritten from scratch to simplify porting to new devices * Current version only supports 300
=== 1.1.3 ==== * Minor bugfixes (not worth updating from 1.1.2rc unless you delete books from collections all day long).
=== 1.1.2 release candidate === * Bugfixes
=== 1.1.1 beta === * Added Simplified Chinese translation by thawk * Amended most translations. * Changed !BookHistory to immediately open books instead of showing book menu. Renamed corresponding action from !ContinueReading to !BookHistory (<font color="red">as a result, old key binding to !ContinueReading won't work until reassigned</font>) * Fixed all known bugs (Dictionary path, EPUB zoom, !PageIndex's ppm/time left)
=== 1.1.0 beta === * Localization * Catalan by surquizu * Czech by Hobogen * Deutsch by Duglum & klawong & Mark Nord * English * French by Duglum & VICTORSJG * ქაбѓ*бѓ—бѓЈбѓљбѓ˜ by kartu * Р*СѓСЃСЃРєРёР№ by SLL * Spanish by VICTORSJG & surquizu * page per minute / remaining time settings for !PageIndex * dictionary by Clemenseken & Lisac (to use it, put your dictionary files int /database/system/PRSPlus/dictionary. Dictionary files MUST have "dic" extension) * Book History by kravitz * option to set default zoom size, limit available zoom steps by kravitz * Main menu customization by kravitz * Introduced "safe mode", if reader is connected to USB during startup, PRS+ does not load. * PRS+ settings moved to /opt0, PRS+ addons and core are now built into firmware
=== 1.0.2 ===
==== Script ==== * Added EpubUserStyle addon that allows to switch between files with .css extension located in /database/system/PRSPlus/epub folder * Added !TextEncoding addon, that allows to switch between Latin1 / win1521 encodings in text/rtf files. * Added mount/umount feature to !BrowseFolders (experimental). SD cards with folder structure of any complexity should now be accessible. Mounting and unmounting takes roughtly half a second. * Removed obsolete samples
==== Firmware ==== * Support for switching between win1251/Latin1 txt/rtf file encodings * Removed call from SD card, added . call to /database/system/PRSPlus/ (located in Internal Memory) * Added porkupan's (aka boroda) "is usb connected"check, if reader is connected via USB during startup, neither is called, nor LD_PRELOAD is set.
=== 1.0.1 ==
==== Script ==== * Added chinese and Russian shell script samples * Added VICTORSJG's "menu index" * Fixed missing string problem for next/previous song actions. * Fixed NaN problem in epubs page index
==== Firmware ==== * Fixed call to
=== 1.0.0 ===
==== Script ==== * Added settings to disable usage of "titleSorter" field. (useful in case someone has half-balked LRFs) * Added thawk's titleSorter support (titleSorter is an invisible field in LRF files that is used for sorting) * Added next/previous song actions by KrzyInuYasha * Added PRS+ version info to ABOUT * Fixed problem with screenshot confirmation message (it wasn't disappearing in some cases) * Fixed problem with "doCenter" like keys, caused by multiple keys being bound to a single function. * Fixed epub page number bug
==== Firmware ==== * Added win1251 to UTF-8 (cyrillic only) so file) (for "export LD_PRELOAD=/opt/sony/ebook/application/" hack) * Added call to /Data/database/system/PRSPlus/ file to startup shell script. * Added igorsk's to /opt/sony/ebook/application folder, with corresponding prspVm.xml file (used by dictionary and similiar apps)
=== 1.0.0 RC2 ===
==== Script ==== * Fixed problem with "doCenter" like keys, caused by multiple keys being bound to a single function. * Fixed problem with screenshot confirmation message (it wasn't disappearing in case image was saved to internal memory)

#2  pthwaite 12-07-2009, 09:14 AM
That looks rather nice, I may give it a go when I get time.
Cheers, H

#3  pepak 12-07-2009, 10:17 AM
Books by Folder, mmm. Will have to try that.

As far as joypad control is concerned, can it be turned off? I prefer the original use of navigating links (up and down) and history (left and right).

#4  kartu 12-07-2009, 10:18 AM
Quote pepak
Books by Folder, mmm. Will have to try that.

As far as joypad control is concerned, can it be turned off? I prefer the original use of navigating links (up and down) and history (left and right).
Yes, just delete the corresponding JS file from the addons folder, in this case JoypadPageForward.js.

#5  pepak 12-07-2009, 11:38 AM
First I tried getting "books by folder" to work without flashing the image, but apparently that doesn't work. Oh well. Will flash now...

#6  pepak 12-07-2009, 12:03 PM
It works! That's great news!

My only problem is that at the moment I can't get both books by folders and PRS Customizer optimalizations. I thought a sequence of

1) Copy new_opt to card
2) "Copy image from the card"
3) "Flash the image"
4) "Make a new image"
5) "Flash the image"
would do the trick, but it didn't. I'll try it again now to make sure I didn't make any mistake.

#7  kartu 12-07-2009, 12:22 PM
Guys, please note, that it is still work in progress.

Prepak, It won't work with PRSCustomizer until its author updates it. Tell me what features do you miss most and I'll give them higher priority.

Most options provided by PRSCustomizer will be included as configurable options in the near future. (key bindings in particular)

#8  pepak 12-07-2009, 12:29 PM
At the moment, user selectable fonts.

I am still trying to combine both PRS Customizer and your Enhancer in one pack. Hopefully it will work.

#9  kartu 12-07-2009, 12:31 PM
You need to include my code from applicationStart.xml for it to work.
You can send me the fonts you want it to have and I'll create new_opt.img with them.

#10  pepak 12-07-2009, 12:42 PM
I went the other way around - extracting files from your image, comparing them to a PRS Customized image and modifying PRS Customizer files with your updates. In a minute or so I will know if I finally succeeded (the theory was fine all along, I just kept doing stupid mistakes such as copying your changes to a wrong file...).

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