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#1  georgew21 05-17-2020, 11:38 AM
Hello dear users,

I bought recently a kindle reader and i am impressed of your community .

There is a quality free (made by users) english-greek dictionary for older kindle devices.

this is the link:

The problem is that its made for older devices and it's not comptatible with newer generations.

As the creators have abandoned the project, i am wondering if could anyone help me to upgrade the file to make this compatible to newer generations of kindle. (i have a kindle paperwhite 3)

Althought, i have tried with calibre and i have unpacked the file and i have read the publishing lines for kindle, i can't figure out how to do the job, because my computer skills aren't high...

Any help is very appreciated, as i am a desperated student who needs to read academic english books and my english, as you see, isn't in high level..

thanks a lot!

#2  Doitsu 05-17-2020, 01:24 PM
The Kindle dictionary format hasn't really changed over the years. Actually, many Mobipocket dictionaries are still working. It's therefore highly unlikely that the dictionary no longer works just because you're using a current Kindle model.

It's more likely that the book that you tested it with had the wrong language metadata.

You might want to:

a) Provide more specific information on the problem(s)
b) A working download link

#3  georgew21 05-20-2020, 01:05 PM
indeed, the problem was the language of file. thank you!

as the above link is old and seems doesn't work, i upload the file here, if someone else is interested for a english-->greek dictionary.
[mobi] Free English To Greek Dictionar - (2.74 MB, 32 views)

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