Short Fiction Jewett, Sarah Orne: Country By-Ways. v1. 26 Nov 2021
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A collection comprised mostly of sketches. The pieces “Andrew’s Fortune,” “Good Luck,” and “Miss Becky’s Pilgrimage” are stories.

“Miss Jewett is a sprightly, comforting writer. She is familiar with cattle and clover, green lanes and brooks. She makes common places attractive and common people interesting.”
(—Daily Picayune, 27 Nov. 1881)

“It is perhaps a little forced to call Miss Jewett’s sketches a book of travel, yet the reader will find their value to lie chiefly in the skill with which the writer has applied a traveler’s art to scenes which lay within easy reach of her own home.”
(—Atlantic Monthly, Mar. 1882)

Theodora Sarah Orne Jewett (September 3, 1849 – June 24, 1909) was an American novelist, short story writer and poet, best known for her local color works set along or near the southern coast of Maine. Jewett is recognized as an important practitioner of American literary regionalism.

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