PRS-T2 Reset VCOM or go into test mode
#1  ProfPangloss 12-27-2019, 03:50 PM

I bought a new screen to repair a cracked screen T2. With the help of a YouTube video I managed to take it apart replace the screen and get it back into one piece. The reader works normally apart from the screen does not refresh properly, words from the previous page show as pale shadows.

I have read posts elsewhere that indicate this is because the new screen is a different voltage to the original and I have read how to alter VCOM in the service manual. However I need a file to copy onto the reader to put it into "test mode". The service manual does not even say what the name of this file is.

Does anyone know where to get this file or an alternate method to set VCOM on a PRS-T2?

#2  ProfPangloss 12-28-2019, 11:26 AM
A very helpful person on YouTube gave me the file name to allow me to put my reader into test mode and my screen is now ghost free.

If anyone else is looking for the file name it is;



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