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#1  wellesradio 05-16-2020, 02:42 AM
I’ve been using Marvin3 for years now as I love the epub reading experience on that app more than words can say, but it has always had its shortcomings. Now that it is practically abandonware, I fear its promise will never come to fruition.

I discovered MarginNote (and MarginNote2) over a year ago and love its powerful annotation capabilities. It just looks like crud and really slows your reading down. MarginNote supports ePub, but it is NOT an ebook reader any more than LiquidText or Calibre are ebook readers. MarginNote just allows you to do stuff with an epub.

So in trying to pinpoint just what it is I want, I realized it comes down to one desire: an ebook reader that allows you to add images into highlighted notes.
Marvin3 technically allows that. You highlight a word in your book, choose a color for that highlight, edit the note attached to that highlight. And once inside that virtual post-it note, you can import a photo from your photo library or online. Nice, right?

Unfortunately, that photo doesn’t actually appear in the note. You can see what I mean in the screen caps below:
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These are from the old original Marvin app. You highlight and whenever you tap on that highlight a colorful note appears. You can type whatever you want in there, but you can’t attach images.

The following is from Marvin3. At the bottom right of the note is a thumbnail of an image I added to the note. But if I tap on that thumbnail, I am not taken to the image. I am instead taken to a menu where I can change or replace the image. I can’t actually SEE the image.

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But I didn’t mean this to be a post about Marvin. I’m just using it as an example. The ideal would be for that little pink post-it to actually have an image IN it that I’ve pasted there. All while retaining a beautiful epub reading experience.

Any suggestions for an actual ebook reader with that one simple feature?

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