Love, Listen, Laugh: Lessons on Leadership from My Life with Dollar General. FREE.
#1  GtrsRGr8 11-14-2019, 02:11 AM
The title, and especially the subtitle, probably "say it all". The author and human subject of the book is Cal Turner, Jr.

The book appears not to be available at the usual ebook haunts like Amazon. You can get it free here:

I haven't read the book. However, it's from a Wesleyan website, so if there are any testimonials, or such, in the book, I would expect them to reflect that religious tradition.

It looks like the ebook is available only in PDF.

To purchase, follow prompts at the webpage above. The site will probably prompt you to make a donation of some amount, but you can ignore that prompt, and still finish placing your order.

Just as I was about to wrap up this post, I saw this little snippet: "Love, Listen and Laugh: Lessons on Leadership from My Life with Dollar General offers readers a candid glimpse behind the scenes of the life and faith of one of America's great entrepreneurs, Cal Turner Jr."

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