New boys adventure books now available for ebook readers
#1  Christopher J. H 02-07-2010, 04:04 AM
Looking for gripping yarns for boys aged 11-18? Try Australian author Christopher J. Holcroft's Scott Morrow series 'Only The Brave Dare' and 'CANYON'.

The books are part of a trilogy with the third title, 'A Rite Of Passage' due out in 2010. The adventure series sees young Scott Morrow and his teenage Scouts take on a group of Russian Mafia in Only The Brave Dare. The story culminates in a thrilling escape where the deft teenager uses technology beyond his knowledge to take on the Mafia.

In CANYON, Scott helps set up a national rescue scheme to help save young people who fall foul of misadventure in the Australian wilds. Scott goes on a canyoning trip which leaves his Venturer Scouts having to make a life and death decision when a terrible accident takes place. Army Commandos and the Prime Minister swing into action to help Scott save a dying mate.

Both books are available as paperbacks and ebooks through Poseidon Books at


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