Science Fiction Verne, Jules: Robur the Conqueror. v2, 24 Feb 2008
#1  HarryT 06-14-2007, 12:47 PM
Strange events are occurring around the world, involving lights, sounds and flags that are hung in seemingly impossible-to-get-to locations. At the meeting of the Weldon Club in Philadelphia, Uncle Prudent (President) and Phil Evans (Secretary) and the membership debate about whether their balloon the Go-Ahead, should have its directional screw located in the front or the back. A man called Robur interrupts and takes over their meeting; he insists that to master the skies, a flying vehicle must be heavier than air. His remarks infuriate the balloonists and after their meeting, Uncle Prudent and Phil are kidnapped and taken on an around the world trip in the Albatross, Robur's heavier than air "Clipper of the Clouds".

One of Verne's perhaps lesser-known works, but very enjoyable. I'll do the sequel, Master of the World, shortly.


EDIT: 24 Feb 08

Recreated the book with improved layout and formatting. Uploaded v2.

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#2  HarryT 02-24-2008, 05:51 AM
Recreated the book with improved layout and formatting. Uploaded v2.

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