Biography Ford, Henry: My Life & Work. 27 May 07
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A titan of American industry, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company, developed the modern assembly line, introduced the Model "T" car ("any color you want as long as its black"), invented the charcoal brickette (Kingsford), befriended Thomas Edison, and wrote this autobiography at the peak of his power in 1922.

As touched on briefly in this book, there is also a dark side to Ford, he bought the Dearborn Independent newspaper (a city outside Detroit that is still home to the Ford Motor Company) and ran a series of articles later published in book form called The International Jew It is one of the foundation hate mongering texts in the world.

He is a complex man of simple origin who did so much good and yet brought so much pain and suffering to millions. His actions still echo today as some of his other writings are still spread today.

This is the only writing of Ford that I will post.
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