HACKABLE android ereader w' external keyboard recommendations?
#1  goodtoimes 09-13-2020, 12:58 PM
I say Android bcoz I know it will do all I need, but it doesn't have to be.
My interests are in simple functionality, not features.


I broke my Kobo Glo HD some time ago (which I loved as solely a reader), and now have come to a time that I want to replace it.

For some time I've also been planning to get some kind of typewriter for solely writing and the Alphasmart Neo 2 has been top contender (have a read here as to what and why, if you're not familiar).

Then I just discovered that there were new E-Ink tablets running android, then on googling that a bunch of older ereaders also ran Android, and could be hacked, cowabunga!

Having ONE device on which I could:

Would be amaze-balls!

Emphasis on simple, cheap and reliable, over features.

If all this is possible without Android I'm open to it (some japanese e-ink units have integrated keyboards, run Palm OS, and even that could work, but they're pricey), but given what I've seen out there Android seems the cheapest and simplest option.

Thank you in advance for any advice, recommendations, experience you could share

#2  ottischwenk 09-13-2020, 11:28 PM
The cheapest device to which a keyboard (Bluetooth) can be connected is the Likebook Mars (Android 8.1)

#3  goodtoimes 09-14-2020, 07:12 AM
Quote ottischwenk
The cheapest device to which a keyboard (Bluetooth) can be connected is the Likebook Mars (Android 8.1)
Thanks, didn't know about this one

#4  goodtoimes 09-14-2020, 07:39 AM
EDIT: VERY pricey at $300-400 AUD and there are better options at this price, at least for my needs.
The current and older Boox models would also be cheaper bluetooth keyboard options. The Kingjim Pomera - with small fold-up integrated keyboard and e-ink screen (made for japanese market, jap keyboard) gets good reviews by english writers and can be got for about 120 USD (but isn't a tablet, so would be no good for reading).

I'm posting here looking for cheap as possible, simple functionality, most likely hacked (happy to tinker myself), that I can muddle along with. This may be the wrong forum for that

#5  MustardOrMayo 09-23-2020, 11:08 PM
(Disregard this post, as I had forgotten to do a currency conversion)

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