Covert Vs Save to file
#1  GreymanUK 02-19-2011, 06:12 AM
A couple of questions to those brainiacs out there.

1) Is there a method to update a books internal metadata without using covert? I know you can save to disk and set it to update metadata but unfortunately you cant update calibre's internal library (Yes ive read the explosive posts on even thinking about the internal library, and no im happy with it the way it is and dont want to touch its structure).

Why would I want to keep calibre's meta info and change only the books internal meta? Simply put, calibre's library is sync'd with a hosted web folder and used by me to access my books. Kindle 3 is my choice of ereader which can get books from the net.....neat. Sadly I made the site before realising filenames mean nada to the lovely kindle. So my site is set up perfectly to work with calibre but to get the aditional info my site puts into the downloaded filename (now a useless feature) I need to update each books internal meta tags. A feature that calibre does exquisitly with save to file.

Sorry for the wall of text but if I explain what im trying to achieve some clever spark may have an alternate solution. So save to file wont work on calbrie itself incase you monkey with filenames/directories. But if you just wanted to update abook without changing structure you have to use convert which is alot slower and you have to change calibres meta to get the changes across.

So yeah, is there a way to do this or is it a matter of save to file, delete from calibre and import back again.

2) Regex..... had to delve into the murky depths to get my site to work with calibre's structure but it works perfectly now. An alternative to the above would be to duplicate my library but I would like to use the same file structure as kindle. The only issue I have is authors or in this case, where there are multiple authors.
e.g. "Robert Asprin & Linda Evans" with a save to file template how would one reduce that to "Robert Asprin". With php I would delete everything from the first & onwards and the trim the whitespace off the end. trim and preg_replace arent gonna be helpful here. Could someone show me the equivalent for calibre please.

My brains hurting at the moment trying to decide how to continue. After spending all that time on a website whos sole purpose was to server content to a kindle, my kindle, I need to get the structure right. Other than that the calibre, website, kindle idea works great

I know calibre has its own content server but I dont want to leave my pc on all the time. So making my own site was both educational and fun

Thanks for the time you took to read this boring post, and double thanks if you have any helpful comments.


#2  GreymanUK 02-19-2011, 06:44 AM
Ugh, sorry to waste your time there. Note to self: fiddle with settings before asking for help.
Simple solution, save to file with updated meta info. Add books back with merge books and replace existing. Calibre's data untouched but books internal meta data now should be kindle friendly. Yet to test on a kindle but its taking a while to import all those books back.

Thanks for reading though!


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