Murdermouth: Zombie Bits
#1  Scott Nicholson 07-28-2010, 07:14 PM
As an old-school NOTLD fan, I've dabbled in zombies a bit over the years, including three stories in Eden Studio's "Best of All Flesh" series.

I have collected eight stories into Murdermouth: Zombie Bits, including "A Farewell To Arms" written especially for this edition. It also includes the comic script of the first issue of the Murdermouth series, a bonus story by Jack Kilborn, and Jonathan Maberry's "Zombie Apocalypse Survival Scorecard."

PLUS...I can't really embed files in the Kindle format but you can hear one of the stories and see art from the comic at, as well as learn how YOU can be drawn as a zombie in the comic! (Yeah, we're getting a little crazy around much radioactive brains in the diet)

Thanks for your support and march on.

Other formats available at my web site for $2.99--DRM-free


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