iPhone Airplane mode engaging by itself?
#1  OtinG 03-04-2021, 02:00 PM
I’ve never had any issues with Airplane mode on any iPhone ever. But in the past few days my iPhone XR has twice turned on Airplane mode without being prompted to. Seeing as it is important for me to stay connected due to COVID-19 vaccination appointments and awaiting callbacks from insurance company about storm damage, this is the worst possible time to discover my iPhone XR has been accidentally set to Airplane mode.

There are only two methods to turn it on that I’m aware of. One method is to go into settings and turn it on. The chances of doing that by accident are about zero. The other method is to drag down the Control Center and turn it on there. More of a chance doing that, but in all these years I’ve never turned it on by accident. I’m wondering if an update has added a third method that can be accidentally triggered. Or perhaps a hidden feature has been added. I know Apple loves to have weird hand gestures and tappings to trigger functions, maybe they added one for Airplane mode. At any rate this is annoying.

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