Libra & PDFs --- my review
#1  jgbout 02-26-2021, 07:17 PM
So, after all the threads and replies.... thanks everyone.

I got the Libra. Worrisome start with power adaptor issues, but seems to be working normal with a samsung wall charger.

Screen without a light on is a little darker than I thought and remember on eReaders (kinda grey/olive)

But.... PDFs

Surprise surprise, in Landscape my chess PDF book is completely readable ! even the small chess diagrams are clear. I do find the text in the PDF a little light in places.

Nothing is too small. BUT... if you read in portrait, yes, toooo small.
I will install KOReader soon and I imagine the bit of extra zoom it gives without the margins, and the ability to darken the text a bit will make PDFs a pleasure for me.

At the expense of saving $115 not getting the Forma, I'm happy so far.

Watching videos I really thought the light-Off screen was brighter or whiter than what it is. IS that normal?

One thing-- PDF reading --- there is a fair amount of ghosting left on the screen while reading --- is that normal?

Thanks all !

#2  Almamida 02-27-2021, 11:33 AM
Ghosting is totally normal with e-ink technology.
Enjoy your Libra.

#3  jgbout 02-27-2021, 11:49 AM
Thanks !

Now it's the daunting task (at least for me) of figuring out how to :

*get Calibre to transfer my series of books to my Libra but with proper sequence.
*And how to install KOReader.
*And how to Sync with Google Drive (I know there are tutorials, but still too technical)

#4  Elektron 02-27-2021, 01:25 PM
Have you looked at KoboCloud? I use it; it's very useful.

#5  jgbout 02-27-2021, 01:26 PM

#6  jgbout 02-27-2021, 01:27 PM
Oh... that's the thing I mention in my last point, about syncing with Google Drive. I've seen the rather involved instructional.... think it's a little beyond me, that's why I'm hoping there's an idiot-proof guide somewhere.

#7  Elektron 02-27-2021, 02:00 PM
I can give you the "idiot proof guide" when I get home. But remember, there's a difference between idiots and curious beginners.

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