#21  BetterRed 01-28-2021, 04:05 PM
Quote KevinH
Actually, comparing Sigil 1.0 to Sigil 1.4.3, Sigil 1.4.3 is much more stable with many fewer bugs in general than Sigil 1.0. And this particular issue was not a bug at all, just a misunderstanding that any user dictionary can be made to be the Default.
I just the read the overnight (for me) exchange between yourself, the OP and Doug on this issue in the 'What Features or Tools does Sigil Still Need?' thread, and I see the OPs dictionary issue appears to be resolved.

I'll leave to the Sigil mods to decide if they want to have two open threads on the same issue from the same OP - it it were me I'd move the exchange in the 'What Features...' thread into here.

I've not needed any of the changes made since version 1.0, so there's been no imperative to upgrade.


#22  BetterRed 01-28-2021, 04:17 PM
Addendum: my "something pops up" was about upcoming new features not critical defects.

As in: "Dark Mode would be nice, but multi language spell checking is coming, so I'll wait for that, then end tag highlighting pops up - so I might as well wait for that."


#23  DiapDealer 01-28-2021, 04:40 PM
I'm not big on doing a lot of thread merging. We don't have a ton of active threads in Sigil that we need to worry about consolidating.

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