Amazon Kindle delayed until end 2007?
#1  Alexander Turcic 10-31-2007, 05:00 PM
Not long ago, we were pretty jazzed when NY Times editor Brad Stone informed the world that Amazon was going to unveil its highly anticipated Kindle reader sometime in October this year. Although technically still possible, it's highly unlikely that we'll hear anything from Amazon today when everyone is already getting ready for the big Halloween party. Sure there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the delay, and Mr. Stone has now been told by his publisher friends that it had to do with "technology kinks" and Amazon trying to prepare as many e-titles as possible before the launch.

According to publishing industry executives back then, Amazon had promised delivery of its keyboard-equipped electronic book reader during the second week of October. Now, those same people say that the company has pushed back that date and is aiming for a launch by the end of this year. Take that with a grain of salt. Amazon and its chief executive, Jeff Bezos, are notoriously persnickety.
At any rate, we still don't know what Amazon is up to and when they are going to lift the curtain. The arduous wait isn't over yet.

#2  Nate the great 10-31-2007, 05:10 PM
Unless he can give a description of the Kindle, I don't trust what he says.

#3  RWood 10-31-2007, 05:16 PM
If that is true then they will miss most if not all of the Christmas gift market. Many retailers do 50% to 80% of their yearly business then.

#4  NatCh 10-31-2007, 05:21 PM
Quote Nate the great
Unless he can give a description of the Kindle, I don't trust what he says.
Even if he did, how would we know it was genuine? I figure we have to decide to either trust what he says or not to, I don't see a minor think like a description swaying me on that point.

#5  THJahar 10-31-2007, 07:45 PM
hmmm, i'm also going to take this with a grain of salt.
I mean firstly since unlike sony, amazon has no manufacturing ability, they must have a OEM producing the device.
Therefore if the intial design isn't 'complete' then there will be no manufacturing run of the device yet.
Now this may not be dramatic if for instance you aimed to sell only a few thousand devices, but with amazons user base in the many millions they surely must have to target production figures into the hundred of thousands rather than the low 10's of thousands that sony did.
I mean for instance just how many would be sold once they launch it on the front page of amazon in comparison with the launching on the front page of the sony connect store(who goes to sony connect store for anything?)
I would surely have thought there's got to be atleast a 2 month lead time from prototype sign off to significant completion of production run.
I mean we've had absolutely no evidence of the devices existence i.e. packaging shots, PVI manufacturing statements, or sly leaks of final products rather than the FCC images.

Or of cause maybe i'm wrong and some of you may point out the flaws in my reasoning

#6  bowerbird 10-31-2007, 08:28 PM
oh, well, if it was _technology_kinks_ that caused this "delay",
it's totally understandable. after all, who could predict those?

c'mon folks, wise up. i was saying way back in the _spring_
that if this machine wasn't fully announced by mid-summer,
then it wouldn't be out until next year, because that's when
the big buyers make purchases for year-end holiday-season.

that's why jobs announced in _january_ that the iphone would
be available starting in _june_, because that's how it all works.

and i'll tell you right now it won't be released "at year-end",
because it's suicide to release something new into a season
when all the other products have been in the pipe for months.

look for an _announcement_ next spring, _release_ in summer,
with the consequent "glowing press releases about its reception"
in the fall so it's a "must-have" gift for year-end 2008 holidays.

assuming that d.r.m. hassles don't derail everything right away.

that's what i say, anyway. anyone want to bet against me?


#7  Goshzilla 11-01-2007, 01:31 AM
The Kindle has me the least excited over all the other ebook readers. The delays have been just silly now, and I can say that unless this thing costs 50 bucks(like the first rumor), and has a wacom style writing instrument, I have little interest in this thing.

#8  rjnagle 11-01-2007, 11:01 AM
my speculation: this is disinformation intended to reassure industry watchers. In fact, my guess is that they'll be making an announcement in the next 2 weeks. or maybe bezos looked at the prototype, decided it really sucked and sent the product designers back to the drawing board.

#9  bowerbird 11-01-2007, 12:29 PM
so, i read this on the teleblawg:
> Might Amazon even be engaged in a deliberate misinformation campaign
> designed to stretch the hype out, as some are speculating?

and i'm thinking, geez, here we are, on the first of november, with no kindle,
and the rumor-mongers and speculators have egg _all_ over their faces, so
surely they'd be too embarrassed to say anything for at least a _little_ while.
but no sir, instead they're just setting off yet _another_ round of gossip...

and i come over here, and find out that it's _robert_nagel_ who is the _source_
-- the "some" of the "some are speculating" -- for rothman's continued spinning.
the same robert nagel who _also_ writes for teleread.

so the echo-chamber is getting more and more insular.

and now it's started to turn on _amazon_, making _accusations_ that it is
engaging in "disinformation", accusations that are monumentally _silly_...

here's a reminder: amazon has said _absolutely_nothing_ about the kindle.

unless you count the spokesperson, who -- when asked about it by someone --
said "we don't comment on rumors and speculation".

got that, folks? "rumors and speculation".

and who's generating all the "rumors and speculation"? look in the mirror.

and then, when your "rumors and speculation" don't pan out -- imagine that! --
you actually have the cajones to accuse amazon of doing "disinformation"...

_you_ are the people doing the "disinformation".

and you're making amazon look bad, because their "product" -- which, again,
they haven't even officially _announced_, not in any regard, not even once,
let alone subjected to a _timeframe_ of any sort at all -- has been "delayed".

and your latest round of rumors has them putting out a product "at year-end",
a high-end niche gadget right _after_the_biggest_retailing_season_ of the year.
yeah, i'm sure of it. get real. the suggestion is just laughable on its face.

you're being _irresponsible_ in the extreme.

please, just _stop_ the rumor-mongering. don't say another thing about "the kindle"
-- not one! -- until you can relay something that _amazon_itself_ has to say about it.

because there is entirely too much egg on your face already.

and it's there because of what _you_ did, not because of what anyone else did...


#10  HarryT 11-01-2007, 12:34 PM
Let's keep this discussion polite, please. Disagreeing with someone's opinions is fine. Making personal attacks on a fellow board member is not.

Thank you,


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