Short Fiction Beresford, J. D.: Nineteen Impressions (1918); v1; 14 Nov 2020
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J D Beresford 1873-1947

A collection of impressionistic short stories, amounting to around 42,000 words. They all deal with gaps between perception and reality in various ways.

Story 4, Flaws in the Time Scheme, comprises 3 connected stories; hence the title "Nineteen..."

1: Cut-Throat Farm
2: The Power o' Money
3: The Criminal
4: Flaws In The Time Scheme
5: The Little Town
6: The Lost Suburb
7: The Great Tradition
8: The Escape
9: Force Majeure
10: The Contemporaries
11: The Empty Theatre
12: The Ashes Of Last Night's Fire
13: The Misanthrope
14: Powers of the Air
15: The Instrument of Destiny
16: The Man in the Machine
17: Lost in the Fog
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