Short Fiction Hill, Headon: The Divinations of Kala Persad (1894); v1; 3 Sep 2020
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Headon Hill (Francis Edward Grainger, 1857-1924) wrote many novels and short stories, including a variety of rather oddball detective short stories.

This extremely rare collection, published in 1894, features the only 4 short stories of Kala Persad, a Hindu diviner who assists private detective Poignand with Delphic utterances; two tales about the author's best known detective, Sebastian Zambra, and a handful of other stories.

1: The Divination of the Afghan Kukhri
2: The Divination of the Zagury Capsules
3: The Divination of the Vagus Nerve
4: The Divination of the Kodak Films

Other stories
5. How The Baby Found The Clue
6: The Face in the Spoiled Negative
7: A Blind Clue
8: The Revelation of the Dark Slide
9. The Secret of the Envelope
10: The Red Lamp in Hoblyn's Alley
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