Firmware für aktuelle PocketBook Geräte (2016)
#1  Forkosigan 01-20-2016, 05:02 AM
Kleine Bugfix Update für PocketBook Touch Lux 2/3 (Über WLAN schon verfügbar):

1. Fixed the problem of possible switching to the first page when changing the font in the last page of a chapter
2. Fixed the problem of ability to delete the batch of books from the "last opened" list only at second attempt
3. More convenient +10 paging functionality.
4. If the external sd-card is absent - the corresponding inscription is displayed to inform a user that this feature needs it in "Backup and Restore" section of Settings app
5. Browser improvements
6. Wording improvements
7. Fixed the problem of possible inability to update firmware if waveform was not read properly

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