CC no longer adding plugboard info for mobi/kindle
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Hi - Usually I can find all my answers here, but this one I can't. SO, the details as succinctly as possible:

I had a Kindle and was using Calibre + plugboard for years to load books to Kindle. It all worked great but I didn't like the heft of the Kindle and how clunky it was as a tablet. A few months ago I was gifted a Samsung Tab S4. So I got CC and Moon Pro. I set up a new plugboard for epub and all was fine. Books showed up great with series info etc.

Except, I don't like Moon. I really miss being able to look up a word or a name or place and instantly get some background info to what I am reading. So, I decided to load the Kindle app and start transferring books to Kindle.

I retrieved the old plugboard and manually started dragging mobi files to the kindle app file. All worked fine - series info showed. Did a few and went on vacation. Came back and decided to get on with this job. Nothing works anymore. Calibre will still send epubs to CC with all the series info, but mobi files will no longer carry the info. I have tried dragging, sending wirelessly, etc. But, if the ORIGINAL format is not mobi, the plugboard has no effect. EPUBs are transfer fine. Does anyone have a clue to what happened? Calibre updated a few days ago. Could that be a problem?

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Hi - Usually I can find all my answers here, but this one I can't.
I think I solved my problem. I had changed the settings on CC to 1 - mobi files first and then 2 - send files directly to the kindle folder. I changed the setting back to send files to CC folder. If I connect CC wirelessly to Calibre and send the files as a mobi to the CC folder and then plug the Tab S4 into my pc, I can drag the mobis to the kindle folder and the series info will show. I can't send them directly to the kindle folder.

#3  theducks 11-25-2019, 07:59 PM
You can have multiple plugboards configured.
By format and by device (can be a pairing)
You just make 1 pair for each format to a specific device (Avoid using ALL devices if you need this feature)

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What would you suggest? mobi/smart device app ?

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Nope - Didn't solve it. Sent files that were originally mobi and so it looked OK.

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