Short Fiction Lardner, Ring: Roundup (1929), v1: 25 June 2019
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The collected short stories of Ring W Lardner. This collection runs to 189,000 words. The cover is a recreation of the original, the only copy of which I could find was not of suitable quality.

Ring Lardner was primarily a famous sports journalist, but his ventures into fiction were welcomed by both the fans and the literary critics.

1: The Maysville Minstrel
2: I Can’t Breathe
3: Haircut
4: Alibi Ike
5: Liberty Hall
6: Zone of Quiet
7: Mr. Frisbie
8: Hurry Kane
9: Champion
10: Contract
11: Dinner
12: Women
13: A Day with Conrad Green
14: Old Folks’ Christmas
15: Harmony
16: The Love Nest
17: Ex Parte
18: The Golden Honeymoon
19: Now and Then
20: Horseshoes
21: There Are Smiles
22: Anniversary
23: Reunion
24: Travelogue
25: Who Dealt?
26: My Roomy
27: Rhythm
28: Some Like Them Cold
29: Nora
30: Man Not Overboard
31: Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It
32: A Caddy’s Diary
33: A Frame-Up
34: Sun Cured
35: The Facts
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