Dickens, Charles: Great Expectations (with original ending). 14 September 2007. HTML
#1  andym 09-14-2007, 04:43 PM
[Without giving away the details for people who haven't read the book]Dickens revised the ending of Great Expectations after discussion with (IIRC) Bulwer Lytton. the original ending wasn't published during his lifetime. Many present-day print editions print this ending as an addendum, so I've added it as an addendum to the etext.

I think there are good arguments for both endings and it's worth being able to read them both together.

I have formatted the text with curly quotes and apostrophes, italics etc for those who appreciate these things. It's best read in a serif font (I've set Georgia as the preferred font). If you don't have a serif font on your pda you can add one by copying a font from a Windows computer (look for a .ttf file in the Fonts folder) and copying it to the font folder in your pda.

The markup is almost valid xhtml - almost because I have used the mobipocket 'pagebreak' tag to put a pagebreak at the end of chapters. This should be ignored by other software.

Please let me know about any formatting problems. And I'm curious to know whether the styles are rendered on an iPhone so if anyone tries this on an iPhone please let me know if it looks OK.

Feel free to convert to lrf or whatever.
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Thank you for this great share

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