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#1  Patricia 09-10-2007, 09:19 AM
George Du Maurier

The famous ‘Punch’ cartoonist eventually turned to novel-writing as his eyesight failed.

Wikipedia notes:
His second novel Trilby, published in 1894 fits into the gothic horror genre which was undergoing a revival during the fin de siecle. The story of the poor artist's model Trilby O'Ferrall, transformed into a diva under the spell of the evil musical genius Svengali, created a sensation. Soap, songs, dances, toothpaste, and a town in Florida were all named for the heroine, and a variety of soft felt hat with an indented crown (worn in the London stage production of a dramatization of the novel) came to be called a trilby. The plot inspired Gaston Leroux's 1910 potboiler Phantom of the Opera and the innumerable works derived from it. Although initially bemused by Trilby's success, du Maurier eventually came to despise the persistent attention given to his novel.

I have used one of du Maurier’s own illustrations as a title image.
The source text omitted all the accents and contained a lot of scanning errors, so I have restored accents and reformatted as necessary. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

I have incorporated Anais9000's corrections, plus some others, so have taken down the original version (which had 12 views) and am up loading a revised one.
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#2  Anais9000 09-10-2007, 07:46 PM
The à accents don't seem to have gone in right. For example,

à large Persian praying-rug
serenading à lady of high degree
and à large velveteen cloak

Also, you might want to correct a few errors in the etext:

banging out a key
banging out a bass in a different key

the poor old twopenny rone
the poor old twopenny tune

easy at it seems
easy as it seems

Y a pas d’ quoi!’ said Trilby
‘Y a pas d’ quoi!’ said Trilby

was a difty, drabby little dolly-mop
was a dirty, drabby little dolly-mop

by the shoulders and plucked her, neck and crop
by the shoulders and chucked her, neck and crop

that if the ever dared to show
that if she ever dared to show

temples were decidedly rimy
temples were decidedly grimy

very well or another day or two
very well for another day or two

and went forth into the sunny streets,
and went forth into the sunny street,

au-dessus de Pentresol
au-dessus de l'entresol

that he thoroughly; well knew what he was about
that he thoroughly well knew what he was about

Then Dubose:
Then Dubsoc:

the bar couplets.
the four couplets.

many flirtings from one poor nest to another
many flittings from one poor nest to another

a my and ever-welcome vision
a sunny and ever-welcome vision

on the model-irone
on the model-throne

One of these sketches (in water-colour Little Billee)
One of these sketches (in water-colour by Little Billee)

they should line at home
they should dine at home

her share in the banquet, id on these occasions
her share in the banquet. And on these occasions

loneliness id homelessness
loneliness and homelessness

a modern French masher!
a modern French master!

red peppers mussels, saffron,
red peppers, mussels, saffron,

would be indefinately more admired
would be infinitely more admired

would never beat for him.!
would never beat for him!

finest in the Pare Monceau;
finest in the Parc Monceau;

gentillesses ~ surely
gentillesses -- surely

lay himself down to the of sheer starvation
lay himself down to die of sheer starvation

warriorsmade the military salute
warriors made the military salute


frontage d’Italie
fromage d’Italie

joyful anticipation They water somewhat
joyful anticipation. They water somewhat


cruellest sung of all was
cruellest sting of all was

failed to the this time
failed to die this time

back to Germany, it seemed with his
back to Germany, it seemed, with his

himself a greater, But that was no merit
himself a greater. But that was no merit

each smoking a Panatellas,
each smoking a Panatella,

content to paint diem in
content to paint them in

The ’orn of the ’unter is ‘card on the ’ill
The ’orn of the ’unter is ’eard on the ’ill

that blackguard Svengali’s pupil-He has married
that blackguard Svengali’s pupil. He has married

But all my family dwells upon Nancy.
But all my fancy dwells upon Nancy.

become a gendeman
become a gentleman

a few strikes of the pickaxe
a few strokes of the pickaxe

to marry Mile. Passefil
to marry Mlle. Passefil

Due de la Rochemartel
Duc de la Rochemartel

almost forgot that was a mere preparation
almost forgot that it was a mere preparation

Jenny Linds, Crisis,
Jenny Linds, Grisis,

had been quite simple just a few obvious
had been quite simple -- just a few obvious

what remains of it the out
what remains of it die out

happened prefer you
happened to prefer you

‘Good heavens?’ said Little Billee
‘Good heavens!’ said Little Billee

accessory before, the act
accessory before the act

not since the Christmas festivity
not since the Christmas mass festivity

till he made me the of laughing
till he made me die of laughing

remanded till the result of the post-mortem, should be made public
remanded till the result of the post-mortem should be made public

unsuccessful musical stragglers
unsuccessful musical strugglers

if you should the unrepentant
if you should die unrepentant

eastern Russia out of the mysterious East
eastern Russia -- out of the mysterious East

she was beginning, to feel strangely uncomfortable
she was beginning to feel strangely uncomfortable

beautiful note you ever heard except all her others!
beautiful note you ever heard -- except all her others!

she saw Svengali the in the box opposite
she saw Svengali die in the box opposite

JSWolf -- May I respectfully request that you do not edit my posts. I find it offensive that you are using your ability as a moderator to change what I have written. If you want to add something, however idiotic, please do it in a reply.

#3  Patricia 09-10-2007, 08:58 PM
Thanks. It was a very poor scan. I will bring out a revised version in the next day or two.

#4  Patricia 09-10-2007, 11:26 PM
I've taken down the original version and replaced it with a corrected one.
Please would a moderator alter the thread title to v1.2?

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Thread title changed as per request

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