Short Fiction Fernández Bremón, José: Otros cuentos (Spanish) v.1 16-Dec-2020
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José Fernández Bremón (1839-1910) was a Spanish journalist, writer and playwright. Although he was quite popular in his time, he's mostly unknown today.

This volume tries to collect all short stories (over 100, and one somewhat longer) published in newspapers, magazines and associated publications, apart from the stories already published in book form during the author's lifetime (see Cuentos). Contributions closer to opinion, shorter jokes and poetry are not included here. If I find further stories, I will include them in future revisions of this book. Many of the stories themselves could be classified as scientific fiction (no time or space travels, but mad doctors, extraordinary inventions and impossible events), but they are always witty and funny social satires, and a very worthy read.

For this ebook I've used the available scans of the original sources, but the spelling and typesetting has been modernized (it basically means adding or removing accents and dashes). A couple of sections were unfortunately unreadable, and I can only hope to eventually get access to a better copy and fill the missing words.

All feedback is welcome.
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