Very Old eReader still working?
#11  ZodWallop 04-18-2020, 11:11 PM
My Nook ST with Glowlight still works.

I was given an old Sony 505, but it won't hold a charge.

#12  Quoth 04-19-2020, 05:16 AM
Quote ZodWallop
I was given an old Sony 505, but it won't hold a charge.
Did it get factory update for epubs or does it only do Sony format? I nearly bought one of these new, but couldn't afford it. May have been first eink sold in Ireland.

Got new: Kindle DXG, I patched fonts and sleep-screen, but put original fonts back as I use it to test ebooks. Uses old part of Calibre Dual Mobi.
Also a Kindle PW2 given now to grandchild.

Got Second Hand or given to me:
Palm Z22, the 160 x 160 pixel screen makes reading a challenge. Two ebook formats. I can't imagine why Adobe produced a PDF reader for it.
Sony PRS350, lovely ereader and better SW than the T1 I had for a while.
A Kindle graphite Keyboard model. Can display either old part or KF8 part of a Dual Mobi and azw files, though B008 model and the DXG is newer B009. Replaced battery last week.
A Nook Simple Touch.

A Kobo N905C Touch I bought cheap died, screen failure, though no obvious damage. Also an iRiver Story Cover edition died, faulty screen from when I got it, though it worked for a while.

I have tested three flavours of Binatone readme, all LCD, obtained very cheap. One was a keyboard no-touch Android keyboard 6" tablet. Old Android app downloaded and installed via USB work. Has dead links to WH Smith for books and a Binatone app store. I've still one left to give to a grandchild.

Newer ones I've bought:
Kobo H2O Original. Still OK, but bottom flap can fall off.
PW3 just after PW4 came out because I didn't like what I read about PW4. My son bought one and it's poorer contrast than PW3.
Kobo Libra. It was about €40 less (inc tax) than the H2O original and €100 less than the Forma in Argos, so not long after I bought a 10" Lenovo for €119 inc tax for PDFs. That's what the DXG was bought for (and PW I had passed on), but the DXG is too heavy to read on for hours and too poor resolution and not quite large enough for almost all my PDFs.

#13  DrNefario 04-19-2020, 05:45 AM
My Kobo Touch and Nook SimpleTouch both work fine. I think the batteries might have lost a bit, but they're good enough for the occasional use I put them to. I did end up dropping my old kindle keyboard though even though I still kind of prefer it to its paperwhite replacement. The battery just wasn't lasting, and it didn't seem very economical or easy to replace. I do the vast bulk of my reading on the kindle, and only use the nook and kobo on the rare occasion I want to read an ePub.

#14  HolyAura 04-19-2020, 05:49 AM
My first eReader was the Kobo Touch 2.0. Idk why, maybe I didn't take good care of it by not putting it in a case, but after 5 years the screen is so faded I can barely read on it, and there are some huge black marks on it. Anyway it wasn't that good an ereader in its era, so I don't complain.

#15  Pulpmeister 04-19-2020, 06:23 AM
My keyboard Kindle is about ten years old, still going great guns. I also have a much newer paperwhite, but I keep both in action (different contents).

#16  drofgnal 04-19-2020, 06:24 AM
I still have a kindle non touch, that never gets used anymore. I use a Kindle Voyage and Kindle Fire 8". I recently dropped off some stuff at a thrift store for the downtown rescue mission. In that box was a second edition Kindle Keyboard. It charged, but didn't seem to hold a charge well. Somebody will pick it up for next to nothing and put a battery in it I'm guessing.

#17  Richwood 04-19-2020, 01:40 PM
Working Sony readers date back to the PRS-300 and PRS-505 pre touch screen readers as well as PRS-350, PRS-650, PRS-950 and all three PRS-T models. I believe the PRS900 and 950 were the first 7" screen readers commonly available. Their screen format is different than later 7" E-ink screen readers as the screen is the same width as a standard 6" E-ink screen but the height is greater to give the 7" diagonal screen size.

#18  issybird 04-19-2020, 02:21 PM
My oldest device still in use is a Kobo Glo which I bought the month it came out. I use it as a book repository; most of my Calibre library lives on it, handy for immediate access to books that neither reside on another device nor did I buy from Kobo. I never connect it to WiFi; the battery is certainly good enough for the use it gets.

Still in theoretical use is a Kobo Mini which I bought somewhat later than the Glo although they came out the same month. Still has fantastic battery life. In theory, it’s a reader to live in my beach (pool, lake) bag; the OEM cover provides good protection if it gets knocked about and it wouldn’t break my heart if something happened to it. In practice, I noticed last summer that I usually took along a different reader anyway, although the Mini was there just in case. Fingers crossed it’s back out of retirement this summer! I do connect this one to WiFi and download directly to it.

#19  JSWolf 04-19-2020, 02:41 PM
I have a B&N nook ST, a Sony Reader PR-650 (needs a replacement battery), two Sony Reader PRS-T1's, Amazon Kindle PW3 (I inherited it), and a Kobo Aura H2O.

#20  ZodWallop 04-19-2020, 03:30 PM
Quote Quoth
Did it get factory update for epubs or does it only do Sony format? I nearly bought one of these new, but couldn't afford it. May have been first eink sold in Ireland.
The Sony was given to me late in it's life. I think it reads ePub, but I'm not positive.

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