Making a Mobipocket dictionary
#1  jbenny 02-22-2008, 03:59 PM
In response to a PM, I'm going to explain how I created that Webster's 1913 dictionary a few months ago. I originally found a copy of the Webster's dictionary that was in Stardict format. I also found a Python script (GPL) to convert from Stardict to an OPF file (see attachment). After lots of cleanup on the original Stardict file, I ran it through the Python script and then used Mobipocket Creator to make the final dictionary.

Note that the Stardict input file format is simply a text file. Each line consists of a word, followed by a tab and then the definition. You could create your own simple dictionary in this format and then using the Python script and Mobipocket Creator, make your own dictionary. This simple method has the drawback of not handling different word forms. Each line is a separate and unique dictionary entry.

The more complicated, but more useful method of creating a dictionary is to create an XML file similar to the sample dictionary format provided by Mobipocket. I have attached the sample dictionary that I downloaded from the Mobipocket web site. I had started on taking the XML version of the GCIDE and directly converting it to the required XML format for use by Mobipocket Creator. Due to personal reasons, I have not had the time to finish it. As another forum member has since created a Mobipocket version of the GCIDE, I guess I don't need to finish my effort.
[zip] Mobipocket Sample (12.6 KB, 1702 views)
[zip] Stardict to Mobipocket (3.8 KB, 1634 views)

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