Very Old eReader still working?
#1  ps67 04-18-2020, 04:21 PM
It is a curiosity, of course my KPW3 bought in 2017 is still young compared with some devices that someone in this forum belong.

So tell us what are Your very old eReader, also with images if You want, that still works.

#2  Richwood 04-18-2020, 04:51 PM
I have multiple Kindle 2 and Kindle DX readers that still hold a charge and work fine. In fact I also have working Kindle Keyboard, Kindle NT and Kindle Touch units too. Even have a Kindle 1 that worked last time I charged it up. Only generation I am missing is the original Kindle PW1 and first generation Kindle Basic. No Oasis G8 either.

#3  DNSB 04-18-2020, 05:12 PM
I've powered up my orignal Kobo and it's successor Kobo Wifi in the last few months. Sadly, I don't have a Blackberry to see if the original Kobo is still able to connect to it.

#4  Sirtel 04-18-2020, 05:30 PM
My very first ereaders, the basic Kindles from 2011 and 2012 still work perfectly, but I haven't used them for reading since 2016. I still charge them regularly, though. I won't sell them for sentimental reasons, plus they're really too old to be worth much.

My Voyage is from 2016 and probably doesn't qualify as very old. I still read on it sometimes. But my daily readers are my two Kindle Oases (from 2017 and 2019) and the Kobo Libra (2019). My Nook (2019) gets used occasionally as well.

I sold my basic Kindle from 2014 and the Oasis 1 from 2016 last summer. Both were working perfectly. I just no longer used them.
Kindle2011.jpg Kindle2012.jpg 

#5  DiapDealer 04-18-2020, 05:39 PM
K2US. 3G and Whispersync still working as of two days ago.

#6  theducks 04-18-2020, 06:00 PM
Kindle 4 NT, recently put in a new battery. The Page Turn buttons show wear, but still work fine

#7  hobnail 04-18-2020, 06:09 PM
The first Kindle Touch. Several times I've let the battery run down and left it uncharged for many months but it still holds a charge. After leaving it uncharged for a long time it does take a while for it to wake up (after plugging in the cable) and start charging.

It's useful as a reminder of how the crude Kindle UI has barely changed after all these years.

#8  rkomar 04-18-2020, 06:15 PM
I put a new battery into my PRS-505 a few months ago and it works like new again. Mine will be twelve years old in a few months.

#9  shootingMaNs 04-18-2020, 06:15 PM
While cleaning the basement, I found a box of old electronics. Inside I found my Sony PRS600, and my iriver Story HD. Both have charged and powered on. The Sony is from 2009, the iriver is from 2011. I'll post pics later.

I also found my Zune from 2006. Works perfectly!

#10  barryem 04-18-2020, 06:40 PM
My first Kindle was the Kindle 3, aka the Kindle Keyboard. I gave it to a friend of my sister some years ago and she's still using it. It works just fine.

I have 3 of the original Kobo Aura's. All work pretty well. The power switch sticks a bit but it's a minor problem and as long as I use a cover it's no problem at all.

I still have the Nook Glowlight Plus, which is a few years old now. I bought it when it first became available. It's pretty much like a new device. I also have the Glowlight 3, the 6" one, which is also like new.

All of these have good battery life.

The only ereaders I've had problems with are my Voyage, whose battery got pretty weak and a Paperwhite 2 which also had a weak battery.

I suspect I've bought 25 or 30 Kindles as well as a number of Kobos and Nooks for various neighbors in my retirement home. I'm the one they come to with problems so I see them all from time to time and all still work very well.

I think all of these three brands, Kindle, Kobo and Nook have been built very well.


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