Bought a Nook Glowlight+ (BNRV510) from the thrift store for $5. How to bypass setup?
#21  TidusWulf 11-24-2020, 06:51 PM
Hi guys. Just an update: Even though I could bypass the Nook app registration prompt, the Nook ran like garbage. The RelauncherX is not ideal for the Nook GL+. It wasn't user friendly. I went a different route and installed a total custom firmware package here:

It worked great on the first try. I'm much happier with this method instead of leaving the stock firmware on the device. It's more responsive, the UI is more user friendly for a Nook device, and I think that this is the way to go if you end up like me with a blacklisted device. It feels like a premium product now. Which it should, because if it wasn't blacklisted, it would've been.

Downside is I can't access the Nook store, but Honestly I have always either bought from places like Smashwords, or done digital library borrows, so for me it's business as usual.

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