non-BN reader with similar to 'Read-in-Store"
#1  GeorgeYellow 10-22-2020, 09:31 AM
The 'Read-in-Store' feature was one of the most tragically undersold features of the BN ecosystem, and yet my main reason to buy their readers.

It (mostly) worked, even this year (when it's read "just outside" the store).

Further, it supported reading any chapter of the available books; and it had an amazing selection, including technical books.

As I look to Amazon or Kobo, is there anything similar for ebook tasting?

I know both Kobo and Amazon have "unlimited" programs, but are these comparable in terms of selection?

#2  Quoth 10-22-2020, 10:21 AM
Amazon, Google and Smashwords all have free samples. Can be 20%. Possibly Apple too.
I've read Amazon free samples on my Kobo.

If you have Calibre, (4.23 for this rather than 5.x as I write), then choice of ereader is more down to price and screen. For me the collections and annotations are important, so Kobo beats Amazon on that. I read entire Amazon ebooks on my Kobo Libra.

I never heard of instore sampling without a download. But I've never ever been in a bookstore that sold ebooks as well as paper. I do also buy paper books.

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