"Homemade" setup. Note2 + Keyboard + OfficeHD: Textmaker
#1  dkccerbero 10-21-2020, 11:34 AM
Hi! I am a teacher from Argentina and use onyx boox since N96ml. Today I have a Note 2 and I can read, grade and write papers like never before.

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In this time of Home office, the amount of hours reading were just possible thanks to this device. My eyes are grateful.
I have tried lots of setups over the years.
To grade papers, I work with drive and docs, the students share the documents and I comment them. Pretty straight forward. The device is awesome in google docs.
But I always have had problems to write a paper for instance. Google Docs app doesn't feel like a full office to me.
This year I found a full office app (OfficeHD: Textmaker) that works awesome in the Note2. It has a Free and a Paid version in the Google play. Is designed for android tablets. Works offline and also can connect with Dropbox, Drive, etc. It has the appearance and tools of a full desktop office and supports lots of settings.
And my brother give to me a foldable keyboard, Jelly Comb, purchased on Amazon. Is metallic, slim, lightweight resistent, and almost full in size. Awesome autonomy and with a trackpad! Works wired via microusb or wireless with bluetooth.
The "stand" is an improvised one. I couldn't find nothing that supports strongly the Note and that tall (in front of my face) so I tried this and works super. In the future I'll use better materials.
I am so happy, I recommend all this things to you.

#2  dkccerbero 10-21-2020, 11:44 AM

#3  Crowriver 10-25-2020, 06:54 PM
Good to hear your experience. I will shortly be using my Max 2 Pro to read and markup student drafts. Like you, I'm working from home and the prospect of reading thousands of words on my laptop was not an enticing one.

I have a Logitech bluetooth keyboard. I've been using Kingsoft Office for keyboard tasks, but recently discovered the basic version of Office HD Textmaker, and it seems a bit more at home on the e-ink display, faster and more responsive. So I may switch over to this. However Google Drive not playing nicely with it, says the app is not currently authorised...

#4  dkccerbero 10-25-2020, 08:14 PM
Hi! Good luck! Max 2 has more screen size, should be even more comfortable.
That is weird. Drive works fine for me... May be entering from the browser (firefox or brave browser).
Did you install it from google play? All my apps are from f-droir or google play. The boox play store i didn't try yet.

#5  Crowriver 10-25-2020, 09:37 PM
Yes, from Google Play. Drive not happy with the app though.
Not a big problem, just one of those things.

#6  dkccerbero 10-25-2020, 11:00 PM
Good luck! Maybe you can start a thread in this forum about that problem. The community is very cool!!

#7  Crowriver 10-26-2020, 11:42 AM
I think the blame lies with Google.
Anyway it's no biggie.

#8  lensmann 10-27-2020, 07:43 AM
I'm currently using the Max 2 for the same purpose, i.e. to read and annotate student work. I've also encountered issues with Google Drive, but there's an easy workaround. The makers of DropSync also have an app for Google Drive, called Autosync for Google Drive, that does precisely the same thing as DropSync. It gets around the issue of Google Drive not liking some apps, as the apps no longer need to interface directly with Google Drive.

#9  dkccerbero 10-27-2020, 10:37 AM
I'll give it a try! Thanks!
Personally, never liked the way that drive arrange the icons layout of drive. Not en pc or Android...

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