Mystery and Crime Biss, Gerald: Branded. A Tale (1906): v1; 20 Jan 2020
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Gerald Biss (1876-1922) was the author of a number of novels and stories. This novel, also known variously as "The Daughters of a Convict" and "The Jerningham Case", tells of the affairs of twin sisters who discover, as they are approaching matrimonial age in Society, that they are the daughters of the notorious Mrs Jerningham, convicted and sentenced to death for poisoning her husband, their father, when they were just 3 years old.

Only after much confusion and unhappiness does the truth of the murder emerge.

Initially published as a serial, in 1906, it was in 1908 published as a book under the title "Branded. A Tale." It was made into a movie in 1920. This edition uses the text from the serial, which was produced by Project Gutenberg Australia.

There is no discoverable original cover, so I made one in the contemporary style.
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