Science Fiction Serviss, Garrett P: Edison's Conquest of Mars (1893); v1, 18 Jan 2020
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Garrett Serviss's first book (he was an astronomer); it is the sequel to a pirated American edition of H G Wells' "War of the Worlds", which, heavily modified and edited, (including shifting the location to the USA and altering the aliens and the ending) was run as a serial.

In this sequel, Thomas Edison invents a space ship and a disintegrator ray, not to mention space suits, and an angry Earth builds a fleet of 100 of these deadly ships to go to Mars to retaliate.

Quite an oddity, but interesting.

The cover uses two of the many magazine illustrations which accompanied the serial. Typical of a magazine serial, there were many, many sub-headings, which I have deleted.

(Edit: Serviss had nothing to do with the pirating of Wells; that was a magazine company, and the person who diddled around with Wells remains anonymous)
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