Mystery and Crime Pratt, Ambrose: Vigorous Daunt, Billionaire (1905); v1, 10 Sep 2019
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Nine short stories featuring the extraordinary adventures of Vigorous Daunt, Billionaire, as narrated by his secretary Captain Rupert Granville:

1: Adventure the First
2: The Ruby and the Cat
3: The King Who Was Made to eat Humble Pie
4: The Banker of Milan
5: The Undoing of the Bread Trust
6: An Experiment With Poverty
7: At The Court of Cupid
8: "His Brilliancy."
9: He Talks With a Turk

These stories were first published in The London Magazine, commencing August 1902. The texts here are taken from the original Magazine page images, rather than the hardback book published by Ward Lock in 1905.
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