Historical Fiction Buchan, John: The Blanket of the Dark. v1. 06 July 07
#1  Dr. Drib 07-06-2007, 11:27 AM
I haven't read this, but I like John Buchan. (In fact, it was Harry's uploading of the Richard Hannay Omnibus that turned me on to Buchan's writing.)

Here's a quote about this title:

"It is 1536, and the Reformation has yet to disrupt the life of the great medieval Abbey of Oseney near Oxford, where a young man known as Peter Pentecost is completing his education. But Peter's life is about to be changed forever when he uncovers the astonishing secret of his true identity, a secret that has been kept from him all his life: that he is the son and heir of Edward, Duke of Buckingham, and by rights he, not Henry Tudor, should be King of England. His anonymous life at Oseney has been carefully arranged to keep him from harm--until the day arrives when those who have been watching over him are ready to challenge Henry VIII.

"From the moment Peter discovers the truth, he descends into a dangerous world of conspiracy and treason, as powerful men seek to persuade him to leave behind the security and tranquility of his life at Oseney and risk everything in a rebellion that could put him on the throne of England."

I hope you like it.

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