Add Duplicate Books in Calibre-server (request)
#1  TagForce 10-11-2019, 04:08 AM
When adding books in bulk using the Calibre Server interface, when it finds a duplicate book, it will only show you using the title of the book already in the library and no information on the book it is trying to add.

This makes determining if it's a duplicate or not virtually impossible.

Right now the message you get is:
A book with the title "Stormwielder" already exists in the library.

I cannot tell if that Stormwielder is the same book by the same author (I cannot even see what the author of the book I'm trying to add) or if it's a different book that happens to have the same title.

Would it be possible to make that message a bit more descriptive like it is in the UI?
Something like:
A book with the title "Stormwielder" is already in Calibre. You're trying to add "Stormwielder" by Aaron Hodges. The book already in the library is "Stormwielder" by <the author of the library book>.

That would make determining if it really is a duplicate much easier (especially since I cannot open the UI when using the calibre-server, so I have to actually browse the library-folder and search for a file with "stormwielder" in the filename.

#2  kovidgoyal 10-13-2019, 10:20 PM

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